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Let’s Celebrate, Elevate & Stand In The Gaps for Each Other This Women’s History Month

As we begin to celebrate Women’s History Month, I am still in awe of the ways in which women were depicted in the movie Black Panther. Our female energy filled the theater and touched daughters, mothers, sons, and fathers in a indescribable manner. Black Panther may have had the leading role, but true to real life, Black women shined through. Angela Bassett played a role of soft power. Lupita Nyongo played a compassionate warrior. Danai Gurira was strong, loyal yet submissive. And Letitia Wright portrayed a family-oriented technology genius. Our layers were well represented and not downplayed in any manner. We were not angry, weak, ratchet, uneducated, overly sexualized or space fillers. We were human and vital to society.

Thankfully, Christopher Jacques (⅓ of The Big Three Alliance) gets it and has secured some of the regions most insightful women, including Dr. Tasha and community activist Valencia Gunder to be panelists at his next Table Talk event, themed The Women of Wakanda. This edition of Table Talk will be moderated by Yours Truly, Crystal Chanel, on Thursday, March 8, 2018 at 7pm and held at Wynwood Gardens located at 270 NW 23rd Street, Miami, Fl 33127.

The attempt by Black men to keep the conversation going is admirable. Within our communities, it is well known that Black women are the secret sauce to the success of most families, businesses and movements. Yet in spite of social inequality, racial injustices, and economic despair that we sometimes face, we still rise.

We have a long history of great accomplishments from the self-made Millionaire Madam C. J. Walker to First Lady Michelle Obama who reminded us to go high when they go low; from the writings Dr. Maya Angelou who encouraged us to embrace being a phenomenal woman to Katherine Johnson, a once hidden figure who calculated the trajectory for America's first trip to space. Names like Serena Williams, Eva Duvernay, Angela Rye and countless others remind us of what is possible. However, as we celebrate, I would be remissed if I didn't remind us to stand in the gaps for Comedian Monique Williams. I do believe that no matter what it looks like she is battling for equal pay. Despite decades of activism, marches, and protests, the fight for gender equality , especially for black women continues.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, sistas worldwide desire to be celebrated and elevated to our rightful places. We want to be recognized not only for our strength but for our contributions to the advancement of humanity. We want the world to know that our true beauty lies within our ability to be creative, innovative and unified. So as we lay crossed arms across our chests, and yell #WakandaForever, let us not forget to celebrate, elevate and stand in the gaps for one another this Women’s History Month.

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