About Me

Crystal Chanel is The M.O.C.

Born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Crystal Chanel is the owner of Press Release Marketing, LLC, and one of 3 founders of The South Florida Black Business Directory. Press Release Marketing is a marketing company that offers event hosting, social media management, grassroots marketing and public relations. When hosting events, Crystal Chanel uses the stage name, The Mistress of Ceremonies aka The M.O.C. In that role, she is known locally as a dynamic event hostess with a dazzling smile who brings an energetic vibe and always pays attention to event details (both the planned ones and the surprises).


The M. O. C. has garnered a reputation for orchestrating and hosting for both intimate audiences and sold out events that draw upwards of a thousand people. She effortlessly connects event guests to performers and speakers while creating a sweet essence at every event she hosts. Crystal Chanel has hosted galas, wine tastings, business conferences, empowerment seminars, award ceremonies, spiritual affairs, fashion shows, fundraisers, talent showcases, weddings, bridal parties and so much more.


Crystal began hosting events in elementary school. Her passion for hosting developed organically over the decades as she believes, “When talent is introduced properly, they perform and/or speak in an engaging manner that gives the audience an unforgettable experience!”



Crystal Chanel began accumulating her professional event hosting success seven years ago when she hosted the Powerful Women of Wealth Conference as a fill-in host. The Powerful Women of Wealth Conference was a quarterly empowerment seminar for women held at the Signature Grand which showcased successful women who earned a minimum of $100,000.00 annually. After being discovered on YouTube for her work with the Powerful Women of Wealth Conference, she was recruited to add flavor to an ailing fashion show in Atlanta. Crystal Chanel went on to host Noire 3000, a popular Atlanta-based fashion show which features the hottest summer collections by the region’s most talented designers for three (3) years in a row.



In addition to event hosting, Crystal Chanel’s has provided voice talent services for radio P.S.A. and
commercials, including radio campaign ads for current Sheriff of Broward County, Scott Israel; local concerts and album intros, outros and intermissions.



Some of Crystal Chanel’s clientele has included recording artist T. Carter, poetry legend Rebecca “Butterfly” Vaughns, Making It Happen - School of Music, Gigi’s Music Café, Zoe’s Dolls, W.S.U.I Radio, Save the Twinz, Girl Talk Miami, The Power of Color (sketch comedy show), Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center, MEZ Security Services, The Blessings Community Outreach, The Westside Gazette, Boss Talk Expo, Kitchen Killa, Chat Miami and even 3rd generation celebrity hair stylist/hair product formulator Shazz Browne.